Are Business Cards Still a Useful Marketing Tool

Despite the growth in digital media and online marketing, there is still one marketing tool that is extremely effective yet relatively cheap!

The business card!

If you have a high quality business card to use in your business, you can instantly create a good impression. Business cards are a handy, easy to use, easy to order and a flexible marketing tool that every business owner and member of their team should use.

So make sure you choose a high quality printing company when you order your business cards online and also make sure you design them carefully so you can use them to full effect. If you think very carefully about what you say on your cards, it can be used more like a marketing tool than just your contact details.

The great thing is that business cards that are ordered online nowadays are pretty inexpensive, yet there are still some people who go for the cheapest cards they can find! I am sure you have heard of the phrase “you get what you pay for”! Well if you are not careful and if you choose the cheapest option you can find on or offline, then you could be in danger of finding out that when your business cards are delivered to you, they could be poor quality and if you use poor quality cards, it will without doubt reflect badly upon you and your business when you give them to people!

It is vital to have the basics such as your name, company address, email, mobile and landline numbers and web address, but you can make your cards much more than just a contact list! Often people fail to use their cards to actually say something about them and their business. It is possible to create a very good first impression for you and your business. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the design of your card.

While you are thinking about what you want to put on your cards, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Always pay make sure you pay good care to choosing the right colour, style and tone of your cards so they are reflective of the business you are in and the clients you are trying to attract. So a good example of this is if you are in professional services such as an accountant, solicitor or doctor, or you have a business that requires you to have a very serious image, then you make sure you go for a professional design that presents a serious image.

Don’t cut back on what you pay and get a bad quality card. Always make sure that your cards are printed on high quality card. If the card is cheap or poor quality, even the best printer in the world is not going to be able to produce a good quality printed finish! You want the look and feel to be good so it has an instant good impression. They can be single or double sided and printed in vibrant colors or in simple black and white, depending on the need of your business. Although using a low priced card can help you save some money, the resulting finished job would be low quality, which in turn will affect the image of your business.

Using bold and bright colour is an great way of getting someones attention quickly. Picking an image that uses colours that get attention, along with a good logo design, people will remember you and your company much quicker and muck more easily.

Some business names don’t make it immediately clear what that business does. A good way to not leave people guessing too long is to use a good tagline. This is usually a catchy, one line phrase that gives a description of what your business does and the products and services you provide…. don’t leave people guessing as they will give up trying to work it out pretty quickly!

That leads on nicely to making sure people can actually read what is on your business cards! Make sure that your card is clear and easy to read. Why not choose a font that is huge enough for all people to read! This sounds perfectly obvious but I have seen many trendy business cards that look quite cool but it is a struggle to actually read them and also to understand what the company actually does. This is a classic case of style over substance!

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Top 3 Things You Should Do Before Choosing Your Private Label Olive Oil Supplier

There are many reasons why people are ecstatic about creating their own product line of olive oil.

One reason is its growing market. As people become more aware of the benefits brought by it, the demand is steadily increasing. The fact that you can find olive oil as an ingredient in almost any healthy product, any entrepreneur would really be tempted to join the industry.

Another reason is passion. Health gurus and beauty bloggers are just a few of the people who love olive oil, and incorporating their passion into their business is never a bad idea, right?

So before you start choosing and calling your private label olive oil supplier, here are the top three most important things you should do first:

Study the Market

Regardless if you already own a business or are just starting up, you should study first your target marketplace.

Who would possibly buy it? Can your market afford to purchase extra virgin olive oil? The best customers are those who won’t mind paying a high price as long as the product is worth it. But this is not the only factor you should consider.

Price Competition

Knowing the current prices on the market will serve as your guideline in choosing the right supplier in terms of the pricing of bulk orders.

You can also determine how much profit you can gain, and how competitive you can be in the market. More importantly, since you are creating a privately labeled line, make sure that your price can compete with the branded ones.

Qualify the Suppliers

Truth is, the olive oil industry is quite a small niche, so you will want your product to stand out.

Basically, you can really stand out if you choose the right packaging. Packaging includes the style of the bottle, how much of it you want in a single bottle, and also, the creativeness of the whole packaging concept.

But the question is, can the manufacturer achieve this kind of packaging?

There are a lot of suppliers, but if you think that you can just pick the right one up easily, think again. The right supplier should, above all, catch up on your vision for your products.

For example, the best private label olive oil supplier are those who have sample packages ready but also welcomes their clients’ ideas and desired characteristics. There are even companies that will send a virtual sample for their clients to see how their order will look like. This kind of flexibility gives ultimate freedom for the clients to own their product.

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